Best Push Mower Reviews

Since the invention of mechanical lawn mower, many people are leaving the function of best push mower. Actually this kind of mower is always popular to be used couple decades ago. Most of people are using this kind of mower not only for mowing needs. They are also using this tool for having little bit exercise. However some benefit of electric and gasoline based mower are attracting most of the people. The practical and less energy that are needed make they are replacing their old mower with the mechanical one. But does it worth? Well, here we will talk about this kind of phenomena.

The difference between mechanical and push mower is really clear. The reel mower or well known as the manually push mower is more traditional because it has a very simple construction. It only has tires or wheels and special designed blade. The mower will cut of the blade when it is rolled up. Many people are still using this item because they are hard to adapt it the electrical mower. There are some benefits of push mower that are not capable to be replaced by using the mechanical version of lawn mower. Then, what are the benefits? You can see them below.

Benefits of Push Mower for Lawn Treatment

– The price of push mower is cheaper than any type of mechanical mower.
– It consumes your energy, but it is efficient for your home treatment budget output.
– Push Mower is environmental friendly, it does not produce any emission
– It offers less maintenance, even there is some maintenance, and they are much simpler than any maintenance on the gas mower or electric mower.
– The mower does not produce noisy sound as the gas based mower produce. It is neighbor friendly.
– Push mower is your best partner for doing some outdoor exercise once a week.

Top 3 Push Mower Reviews

#1. American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand Reel 14″

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Hand ReelSo, now you have some thought about what push mower can do. There are some things that you will not be able to get when you are using electrical or gas based mower. One of the greatest products for push mower that you can buy is American Lawn Mower 1204-14. This is a kind of mower which designed very simple. This mower is made to be deluxe. It is good to be used for treating the turf grasses. The mower is very tough with its alloy construction; it also can be assembly as you wish. As one of the best push mower, you can get this large sized 8.5 high diameter impact. The wheel is made with polymer and offers 3 spiders with a single blade reel. To use the mower, you can freely adjust the roller as you wish. This kind of system will make your work lighter and easier as well as using the machine based mower.

#2. Great States 415-16 16″

Great States 415-16Next candidate of appropriate push mower to get is Great States 415-16. This is a kind of lawn mower which is supported by using T style handle. The handle provide high convenience for the user both adult and even kids. It can be controlled even use a small energy. The mower is having heat treated blades that is capable to cut off the grass with great result. The grass is not only neat; it can also be mulched well as you wish. The cutting range of this mower is about 16 inch. It happens because it has 10 inch ball bearing wheels instead. To make the mower is comfortable to use, you can adjust this mower from half inch to 2 ¾ inch of height. It will be helpful to create specific grass height as you want. The materials are coated well so it is far away from rust and some other damage.

#3. Great States 204-14 Hand Reel 14″

Great States 204-14 Hand ReelIt seems not completed before you look at the features of Great States 204-14. This kind of push mower is having a lot of benefits and features to use. The first feature that will amaze you is the presence of ally steel frame. It also supported with the bed knife blade that work well for any type of grass to cut. The height adjustment is also helpful because it can be designed from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch. It is working well also for its 3 section roller use.