Best Reel Mower Reviews

It is so disappointing to find the grasses of the lawn are getting higher and tough every week. This condition makes the lawn looks so messy and seems like untreated well. Applying special treatment for the lawn can be done in various ways. You can mulch it, mow it or just complete it with some other type of outdoor decorative elements. Selecting the best reel mower is one of the idea that you can apply or such small sized lawn. Reel mower is one which is very effective because it does not consume any fuel or electrical source. All you need is to operate it using your own muscles.

Advantage of Reel Mower

There are a lot of advantages that you will also get from reel mower. Before you come to that point, you have to know what reel mower is exactly? As you know, reel mower is considered as the oldest mower that re still used in this daily time. It has been around for many years and even many decades. Only, now the presences of this mower are replaced with the gas powered or electrical engine mower. These types of mower are hunted because they are more practical; however they are not environmental friendly.

Being environmental friendly is one of the spacious advantages from reel mower. It will not produce any gas emissions or residue to the air near the lawn. It will also not need to be refill or recharged. All the movements of this mower are purely supported by using your own movement. Many people love this mower because it does not produce noisy sound as the sound that is produced by the engine mower. To make you easier in handling and operating, reel mower is also using light materials. One important advantage that you should note is all about its affordable price.

Top 3 Reel Mower Reviews

#1. Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower 18″

Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel MowerThe competition between mower manufacturers and the others are often revealing some attractive mower product to the market. Almost all of them are having special features, model and even pricing. Fiskars Staysharp Max is one of your choices that can be considered to be the best one. It has 18 inch of cutting range that can make you cut the grass of the lawn quicker than never before. This mower is also has 60% of easier push than the other type of mower. This kind of technology provides a very comfortable handling and less strength in pushing the mower forward. The technology is called as patent-pending Inertia Drive. This kind of features can you find in most of the newest Fiskars product. Once you use this one, you will be able to have instant wheel design that makes it closer to side edging. This mower can be used to cut all the grass types.

#2. Remington RM3100 18″

Remington RM3100 18inchIf the products of Fiskars are mostly use small wheel at the front, Remington RM3100 is using the opposite method. It adds larger wheel at the front area of the mower. This kind of impression will make this 18 inch mower has medium to heavy duty of grass cutting capability. You will have a special working mechanism because this mower is made to be environmentally friendly. It has the working result as the gas based mower, however it does not need any drop of gasoline at all. As one of the finest reel mower, you will have 5 different adjustable modes of the blades. These blades are adding ease in cutting the lawn. Some other features of RM3100 that you will get are the presence of dual lever height adjustment. Beside that the use of 2 in 1 mulching item will also give you have more clippings during the cutting session.

#3. American Lawn Mower 1705-16 Seven Blade

American Lawn Mower 1705-16 Seven BladeTo have the simplest reel mower for your daily use, you can appropriately look and knowing the specification of American 1705-16. This is a kind of mower which has a medium size. Because of its medium size, it will only have 16 inch of cutting range. The handle is also made to be T model. It applies better ergonomically handling for the user, especially when they are facing dynamic surface of the lawn. It has highly adjustable height adjustment that will give you better cutting experience. The wheel is 10 inch composite with its radial type. It is appropriate for rough lawn and tough grass surface.