Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews

best zero turn 01Lawn is one of the areas which are also belonging as the exterior home beauty. Treating the lawn properly is the same with treating the exterior area of a house. In the lawn, we can have a lot of elements such as plants, trees or fences. However one important thing that needs to be treated continuously is the grass. Every lawn needs a proper mower to apply. Nowadays, you can use best zero turn mower so you will have not many time to cut off these grass. All the lawn size can be afforded well using this kind of mower.

So what is the difference of zero turn mower with the other mower? Well, as its name, the mower has a special features, design and engine that will have no chances of turn. It is possible because the engine is having two levers in the steering wheel. This item will control the wheel motors in the back of wheel. When it is turn on a dime, the grass will be cut of neatly and efficiently. It will surely keep up your time and your power to treat the lawn. If you are someone with limited time of home treatment, this mower is very good for you.

Adavantages of Zero Turn Mower

As one of the mower with special ability, zero turn mower is having some advantage, they are:
– Shorter Mowing Time, it happens because you just need to cut this yard once. You can use your time for another home treatment.

– Less and Efficient Fuel, you will know more needed to refill the fuel or recharge the battery because the mowing is over before these source of energy is over.

– Long Lasting, when the machine work less hard and less time, it means that the elements of engine will be less used. It will give you long lasting machine for sure.

Top 3 Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Husqvarna 967324301 26 hp

Husqvarna 967324301 26 hpIt will much be better if we are talking about some attractive product to consider. The very first product to be reviewed is Husqvarna 7000. It is one of the zero turn mowers that have a very powerful engine. The power is up to 26 horsepower. This power is really reasonable because this mower is applying V-Twin engine type. It makes the mower work two times harder and faster than any other type of mower. The cutting deck size is also amazing because it is up to 54 inch. All the designs are made to be impressive, with the support of electric clutch of features; the blade engagement will work easier. You can also have smooth cutting and ride because this mower is provided with dual hydro gear EZT system for its transmission. One luckier element that you will get is the presence of ant scalp rollers in the mower.

Poulan Pro P54ZX Cutting Deck

Poulan Pro P54ZX Cutting DeckIt seems not fair to discuss only a single product from a brand. You also need to check about Poulan Pro P54ZX. It is a kind of mower which is supported with a very tough appearance. Basically it is not only about the appearance, the design and the power of the machine is also great as well. The machine is capable to provide powerful work up to 24 horsepower. It might be revealed because the machine is using V-Twin pro engine to support its overall performance. For adding the greater engine work, Poulan is applying EZT transmission system to its engine and blade work. The use of 3.5 gallon fuel tank is also making the machine capable in doing its job for a large sized lawn area. One more impressive thing that might attract you to buy this engine is the presence of electric clutch features instead.

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HpConsidering about using the zero turn mowers is a brilliant idea. From the price, the zero mowers are really higher than the common one. However it will cut all of your costs including the maintenance cost, fuel costs, and many more. One product which is still considered to be bought by most consumers is Husqvarna MZ61. This mower is really impressive with its 61 inch of size. The overall strength that can be produced is around 27 horsepower. To gain better run, the engine is applying Hydrostatic gear transmission system. It also powered by using pedal assisted feature to make the cutting deck lift move more appropriately.